Coaching clients:

Josie is truly an inspiration!  She possesses the skills to help you see what is possible in your life when you dream big! I loved working with Josie as my coach. She is warm, engaging and creative. I found that she helped me gain clarity and focus in how to move forward in the goals I had set for myself. Josie is gifted and coaches with amazing intuition that gets to the heart of matter.  Her sensitivity and compassion motivated me to de-clutter my life and make choices to live my life by what is really important to me. I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with Josie!

Live Life Loving

Josie, I just wanted you to know that I find you very inspiring! Thank you for looking out for our team and making every effort in making us happy. Our last team building exercise was an example of how helpful, fair, and compassionate you are.

When one has been in the workforce for as long as I have, it’s easy to reform to an occupation that may not necessarily fulfill you. After being in the same line of work for 17 years I was unhappy with the direction my career was going. I made a life changing decision to leave my job and focus on what I really wanted to do. The problem was I didn’t know what that was, and this is where Josie came to my rescue. At a time of need, Josie was vested to help me to get at my skills and experience in order to determine, without solicitation, how she could help me find my way. Today, I am a much more confident professional in a field that I had not even dreamed of working in, only because of Josie’s ability to visualize my potential. Josie is a calm, caring and assertive individual who does not judge or anticipate recommendations until she fully hears you out and understands your needs and wants .She will be the first one to ask you to interpret what you think is happening, so she can fully understand where you are coming from. She is concerned about your readiness to embrace another path in your career and, will share with you those concerns if applicable. She is a natural therapist who cares about your overall wellbeing. She understands that although a career is important, there are many other facets of life that can affect your direction one way or another. She always works at your pace, but without you realizing, she will challenge you if only to see that you are remaining true to yourself.
I am very lucky to have connected with someone as intuitive, caring and confident as Josie. She will ensure that whatever step you take, you will without any doubt, know you are aware of your direction and reason for choosing the path in your career.
Josie, words are not enough to thank you.  Your guidance, vision and confidence in my potential were an inspirational gift.


Reiki Practitioner:

I’m a regular Reiki client and every time I feel this warm energy come through Josie’s hands. Session upon session I come away feeling more relaxed. I also suffer from stomach problems and she was able to pinpoint this and I could feel the energy release and slide down through my legs and feet.

During my Reiki treatments with Josie, I feel the high energy. Every time I leave feeling peaceful, calmer and happier.

I always leave Josie’s Reiki treatments feeling very relaxed, calm and amazed at her intuition! The messages she shares are right on! She is very thorough and always makes me feel positive. I feel her energy is very strong. All that comes up fits my situation. Always a good feeling when I leave my session.

This was my first ever Reiki treatment and I felt a calmness throughout with a knowing that everything was going to be okay.

Yoga Instructor:

I have had the pleasure of working along side Josie professionally for the past couple of years. She is a dedicated leader, and always an inspiration to her team. Her spirituality and genuine care for others flows through in everything she sets her mind to.

I’ve recently enjoyed Josie’s charisma throughout her energizing yoga and calming meditation sessions. As a Rhuemtoid Arthritis patient she has taken kind attention to detail in tailoring sessions in advance to meet my unique limitations. My range of motion has increased ten fold and my mind has never been more at peace. I look forward to celebrating my 50th birthday being in the best shape of my life. Namaste.

I have wanted to get into yoga for the past few years and Josie has helped me finally take that leap this year. After my first class with her, she instantly had me hooked! What I love most about Josie’s virtual classes is how she continues to remain extremely attentive to her audience, ensuring she isn’t moving too quickly, helping correct form and offering modifications for those who have preexisting injuries. She makes it feel as though you are in the same room as her. I leave each and every one of her sessions feeling completely calm, focused and recharged.